How To Clean Electrical Contacts

Electrolube-ccl-electrical-contact-cleanerElectrical contacts have been an integral part of Electrolube’s history, with the very first of our products designed to lubricate and enhance the performance of electrical contacts. This has developed over the years to include a wide range of specialist electronic cleaning and lubrication products, formulated to aid with the manufacture and maintenance of electronics and their PCBs.

Included in this range is a selection of contact cleaners and solutions.

Depending on your individual application, you may choose from a number of products or techniques for cleaning your contacts. We have highlighted a selection below:

CCC Contact Cleaner C – is a non-flammable aerosol which comes with a brush for easy application directly onto the contact. CCC is designed for use on components within video equipment, computers, optical and precision instruments, cameras and other electronic devices. Due to it’s non-flammable solution it can be used on live equipment and dries without leaving a residue.

How To use:

Spray CCC onto surface to excess and allow to evaporate. A brush is attached to remove stubborn deposits and heavier solids.

CCL Contact Cleaner – is similar to CCC but is faster evaporating and has a slightly lower surface tension leading to better penetrating power when cleaning. CCL can be used on switch contacts and other low contact resistance contacts. It has high penetrating power due to its low surface tension, loosening and removing accumulated deposits of dirt, grease and oxides.

How To use:

Spray CCL Contact Cleaner onto surface to excess and allow to evaporate. A brush is attached to remove stubborn deposits and heavier solids.


CCS Contact Cleaning Strips – are a specially developed card impregnated with a high performance contact lubricant in handy sized strips. They are designed to be used on closed contacts, slipping between the gap cleaning away contaminates to restore the contact and increase reliability.

How To use:

A clean part of the strip is inserted between closed contacts and moved back and forth several times. The abrasive quality of the card and the loosening property of the contact lubricant will remove contamination which will appear as a dark mark on the strip. Tear off part of the strip that has been used and insert a clean area between the next contact pair.

Electrolube have a wide range of cleaning products available to complement our other products. For more information – or if you have any further questions, please get in touch with our dedicated Technical Support team via email or our online chat facility.