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Fluorinated Polymer Conformal Coating

FPC is a specialist ultra-thin fluorinated polymer coating which repels hydrocarbon and silicone oils, synthetic fluids and aqueous solutions, (due to its very low surface energy).

Product Codes

FPC05L - 5L Bulk

Product Description

FPC fluorinated polymer conformal coating is a specialist ultra-thin coating. It repels hydrocarbon and silicone oils as well as synthetic fluids and aqueous solutions due to its very low surface energy. Consequently, this product offers superb protection for printed circuit boards and electronics.

When dry, FPC has a low film strength and is therefore easily removed by minimal friction allowing assemblies to be coated without masking. due to its exceptionally fast touch dry time this coating requires specialist equipment to be applied.

FPC has several unique characteristics compared to other similar coatings in that it has a UV trace, aiding inspection and is UL746 approved.

For further information please see the TDS or get in touch with our technical support team.

Key properties

  • Non-flammable, ultra-thin coating
  • Very low surface energy
  • Low film strength once cured
  • Extremely quick touch dry time
  • Simple coating procedure
  • UV trace
  • UL746 Approval
  • RoHS Compliant & REACH Compliant