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Electrolube’s – UL94V-0 Approved Alternative to 3M Novec 2702 Coating featured Image
Electrolube’s – UL94V-0 Approved Alternative to 3M Novec 2702 Coating

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global supplier of integrated solutions from Circuitry, Assembly and Semiconductors, providing unmatched capabilities in electronics design and manufacturing, is proud of their Electrolube brand and its’ conformal coating FPC. This conformal coating has resolved several issues experienced by a specific user of surface modifier materials and it is also UL94V-0 approved.

The user in question, a large manufacturer of power distribution electronics, initially expressed an interest in Electrolube’s surface modifier materials due to longstanding and unresolved issues relating to coating coverage and connectivity. Their rationale for using a surface modifier coating as opposed to a conventional conformal coating was correct as the combination of required coating thickness (2µm) and very low film strength (abrasion resistance) can facilitate huge processing benefits. Users of surface modifier coatings can completely coat a PCB and connectors without masking as when the male and female contact surfaces are joined, the abrasion forces during insertion should cleanly remove the coating material allowing electrical contact.

The user complained however, that their experience with surface modifier materials was quite the reverse; the material would not rub off cleanly during insertion creating an additional checking and re-testing process. Inspection of the coating coverage was also very difficult due to the lack of UV trace and the user could not be confident in the integrity of coverage.

With many variations of board shape and design, as well as numerous different connector formats, a fresh approach and coating material was required. Electrolube accepted the challenge to develop a cost-effective material that would also resolve all the technical issues with connectivity and inspection being experienced.

Electrolube developed a non-flammable fluorinated polymer coating – FPC and submitted the coating to a series of customer tests, including highly stringent salt mist, humidity and mixed corrosive gas testing; all tests were passed successfully. Extensive connectivity testing confirmed noticeable improvements when compared to previous results experienced by the user, while the inclusion of a UV trace meant the boards were now far easier to inspect for coverage. Overall, the new FPC coating has resulted in a significant cost saving.

The improvements in performance, inspection and cost of Electrolube’s FPC coating, compared with previously used material and the results of machine trials at various companies to confirm compatibility, meant the company was able to simply switch over to FPC as a drop-in replacement.

Robert Crosby-Clarke, Director of Strategic Marketing of Electrolube, comments: “The partnership between us and the customer’s engineering team is a prime example of Electrolube’s dedicated approach to solving problems. With a strong emphasis on both research and collaboration, we are continually developing new products, such as the FPC coating, and always go the extra mile – not just to ensure that the product is right for the job, but to advise and help our customers choose the safest, most appropriate and economical method of application.”